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The Sepulveda Way

The Sepulveda Way


Sepulveda Middle School & Gifted Magnet Code of Conduct


Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful!


Be kind to others and encourage peaceful resolutions to all conflicts including:


•Respect the personal space of others by keeping your hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Be responsible for your actions and tell the truth.


•Use “put-ups” not “put downs.” Don’t engage in gossip.


•Approach others in a friendly way- not one that is threatening or might make others feel uncomfortable.


•Resolve problems peacefully by practicing “1, 2, 3.” Bullying others will not be tolerated. Fighting and “play fighting” is not allowed.


1.Ignore the problem if you can. Try not to let others bother you.

2.If someone or something still bothers you- tell an adult on campus.

3.If someone or something is still bothering you when you get home- tell your parents so they can help you to solve the problem.


Treat others with respect.


Cooperate with all adults on campus.


Use appropriate language at all times- Please do not yell, scream, or whistle.


Respect the property of others- especially your school- Report vandalism, graffiti, or theft immediately to the adult on duty.


Keep your school clean by placing trash in the trash can and always check your area for cleanliness when you leave.


Eat in designated eating areas only. Gum is never allowed on campus.


Students must have a pass to access classrooms at lunchtime.


Cell phones must be off and put away during the school day and in school buildings.


Keep electronic devices (including iPods, MP3 players, CD Players, PSP’s etc.) at home. They are not to be brought to school.


Skateboards are not allowed on campus. Cyclists must wear a helmet.


Always be in uniform-

• Navy blue, black or khaki (beige/tan) pants, or blue jeans.

• Navy blue or white polo shirt.

• Sports team jackets/apparel may not be worn

• Hats, bandanas, hoods or any other head covering are not permitted.

• Short skirts and short shorts are not permitted.

• Facial piercings, gage or large hoop earrings are not permitted.