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About Us

Sepulveda MS and Gifted/High Ability Magnet boast an experienced faculty and fine resources. Each academic department develops and maintains articulated goals from grades six through eight with formal evaluations and expectations. Graduating students go forward from Sepulveda with a competitive edge ahead of their peers with the ability to produce a high school transcript above and beyond university requirements.
  • Honors classes for all magnet students
  • Sixth grade cored with maximum of three teachers
  • Sixth grade students participate in a core/team stressing an interdisciplinary approach to learning focusing on Humanities
  • Teaming in seventh grade for writing and research
  • Algebra and geometry available for advanced students (a math placement test will be given before the start of school for all new students)
  • Spanish 1 and French 1 are available California Technology Grant allows for computer aided presentations (1 computer per 4 students in grade 6).
  • Award winning music program; both beginning and advanced courses (Beginning Strings, Junior/Senior Orchestra)
  • Art, Drama, Intro. and Advanced Computers
  • Industrial Arts
  • Student government and leadership classes
  • Yearbook


None of our achievements could be accomplished without the help of parents and the community.  The following is a list of possible groups in which parents can participate. 


Parent Involvement:

  • PTSA/Volunteer opportunities (Contact: Vickie Phillips)
  • School Based Management
  • School Improvement Program Council
  • Magnet Booster Club
  • Back to School and Open House
  • Annual Family Picnic
  • Magnet School Newsletter
  • Bilingual
  • School Site Council
  • Title 1