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WASC (Accreditation)

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) is an organization that provides accreditation of public and private universities, colleges, secondary and elementary schools.

Sepulveda Middle School is in the process of creating a school wide educational plan to be submitted for validation for the WASC seal of approval.

Sepulveda Middle School Student Learning Objectives (SLO)

SLO 1: Effective Communicator

Students will both read and write a variety of informative, argumentative and narrative compositions in a variety of disciplines and topics that incorporate evidence from multiple and a variety of sources to support the claims(s) presented.  Students are able to articulate their ideas effectively.

SLO 2: Complex Thinker/Critical Thinker

Students will analyze and interpret data from a variety of source types (charts, graphs, primary/secondary sources, experiments, polls, etc.) and incorporate textual evidence from credible sources to support their claims and arguments in presenting their original compositions. 

SLO 3: Self-Directed Learner/Goal Oriented

Students will use their planners daily and monitor their own academic progress through Schoology and Teacher Grade Conferences culminating in a reflection on their progress using tools of Reflection Logs, Student-Led Conferences, and  the AVID School wide strategies. Students will exhibit self-directed learning by applying Growth-Mindset philosophies.

SLO 4: Collaborative Worker

Students will engage in collaborative academic discussions to analyze, discuss, and problem solve about a variety of topics to build upon each other's prior knowledge skills, experience, and utilizing technology and online resources. 

SLO 5: Contributor to School Community/Socially Responsible Community Members

Students will follow the Sepulveda Way, school rules,  and classroom rules. Students will respect the rights of others and appreciate cultural differences and commonalities.