Our School » Mission/Vision



The mission of the Sepulveda Middle School Community is to:

  • Ensure a quality education by providing our students with essential skills and knowledge needed to succeed

  • Promote student social, physical, and personal growth in a safe environment

  • Develop in our students an acceptance and appreciation for diversity in a changing world

  • Prepare our students to be responsible and productive citizens



Sepulveda Middle School will strive to:

  • Create proficient readers

  • Create a safe learning environment where all students will exhibit the "Sepulveda Way".

  • Develop the technical knowledge and skills students need as they move toward being college and career ready 

  • Ensure staff has the necessary technology and skills to support the needs of our students.

  • Provide parents with the skills necessary to become an integral part of their child's educational process

  • Provide staff development to support and meet the needs of our changing professional staff